Rules for Bartenders

1.) Bartenders must be member in good standing, wear proper; neat clothes, no torn shirts.

2.) Bartenders must have clean, neat hair, No stubble beard.

3.) Bartenders must wash hands before leave lavatory.

4.) Bartenders must be polite and courteous at all times.

5.) Bartenders must plan on attending inventory meetings, the one before and after their month.

6.) Bartenders must be at the club by 7:45 P.M. unless requested to open earlier and the bar area must be cleaned after it is closed. Any Bartender who is late and/or has not cleaned will have $25.00 deducted from their bar commission at the end of the month.

7.) Bartenders must be familiar with the burglar alarm that they only have thirty (30) seconds to turn it off.

8.) Bartenders shall not be involved in other social activities when they are scheduled to be on duty, this includes running a Bingo or any other game.

9.) Make sure that all walks outside are clear of snow in the winter, use rock salt when walks are icy.

10.) Closing time is no longer than 4:00 A.M. Last call is at 3:45 A.M.
11.) Before the Bartenders leave the Club they must be sure that all empty bottles and dirty glasses in the clubhouse are taken care of before they close the club and leave.

12.) It is the responsibility of the Bartenders to be sure that bar, refrigerator, cash register, etc. are clean at all times.

13.) Bartenders are responsible to keep the stock room neat and the door closed.

14.) No one under age of 21 should be served either any beer or other liquor.

15.) Bartenders must not serve anyone who is already intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. If there is a problem notify an officer.

16.) Bartenders should be wary not to sell drinks to an over age 21 person who will give the drinks to someone under age of 21 or to an individual who is already intoxicated.

17.) No children should be allowed at or behind the bar at any time.

18.) Charges or Personal checks are at risk, the Bartenders will be expected to use their own money to cover any bounced checks or unpaid charges.

19.) No games or gambling of any kind shall be permitted at the bar.

20.) Bartender should be on the lookout for any trouble before it starts. An officer should be altered if they expect something to happen.

21.) Keep plenty of change available. Do not depend on the members for the right change or ask from the club's vending machines.

22.) Bartenders are to give all monies over $150.00 to the club's Treasurer. If the Treasurer is not present at the club, then give to the Assistant Treasurer. Give no one else.

23.) The Black book is for bar expenses only. No payout is to be made to anyone without the Treasurer permission.

24.) Bartenders should accept request from customers to play their tapes on the sound system.

25.) No member will be allowed to work two consecutive months behind the bar for personal income unless no other member is interested in working the bar.

26.) No alcoholic beverages or drinks are to be served anywhere in the clubhouse after closing. S.L.A. Rule is that bartender must clean up before locking up.

27.) Anyone who is working behind the bar must wear disposable gloves when washing the glassware and when serving.

28.) Only active members of the club can work as bartenders.

29.) On Saturdays before closing, take the pour spouts off the bottles and soak in a pitcher of warm water.

30.) Before leaving for the night turn off fans, air cleaning, Radio system and television, check the lavatory, storage room and restrooms, make sure that the rooms are empty.

31.) Ashtrays must be washed after each evening that the bar is open.
32.) Mixer sticks should be deposed into the trash container, not dump into drainage system of the bar.

33.) If the rules regarding the cleaning of glasses, bar, refrigerator, etc. Are not followed someone else will be asked to do the work and a charge will be Fifty ($50.00) dollars deducted from the bar commission when this happen.

34.) Bartenders, that hold a fund - raising event, are prohibited to lend monies to anyone. It is bartender's loss if he/she lends bar monies to anyone from the cashier.

35.) Popcorn, Vending cleaning.

36.) Bartender's responsible to buy those things; lime, lemon, orange juice and cranberry juice.

37.) Any empty (beers only) cans put in shed.

38.) The 1st week of month for Wingo (Saturday night) will be open at 7 pm except July and August. The 3rd week of month for BCD dinner (Saturday night) will be open at 4 pm except July, August and December.

39.) Bartenders must have 2 people at the bar service every Fridays and Saturdays.

40.) Bartenders commission each month is 15%.

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