Process of How to Run an Election

The President picks an Election Offical with member's approval.

The President call roll call to begin the election.

The bar shall be closed during the election.

The front entrance door will be opened after the roll call. A sign will be posted outside the door to let members know that they may wait in the bar area until the election is over.

Someone will be appointed by the Election Official to stand watch at the door and enforce unauthorized/late entry.

The President shall appoint 2 sergeant-at-arms and 2 tellers. These four people shall not be officers, nominees, or trustees.

All questions and proper conduct during an election are the sole responsibility of the Election Official and those that he/she has appointed to help during the election. The President has final authority regarding any unresolved election controversy.

Members and nominees shall conduct themselves in a civil, considerate and respectful manner. This means absolutely no backstabbing behavior against other members or nominees will be tolerated.

Any member interested in becoming a candidate for office must live in the Buffalo area (within a 25 mile radius of B.C.D.) and must have been a member for at least 2 years prior to the election.

The members in the voting hall need to remain seated until the election is over.

Full members are required for anyone to participate and vote in any part of the election.

Only deaf members may hold office. Hearing members are disqualified from holding office.

The secretary will check the chart of attendance to make sure all candidates meet the requirement of attending at least 5 regular meetings during the year of January to December (in the election year).

Candidates for Treasurer must have previous experience either as a trustee, treasurer or auditor.

New nominations from the floor may only be made by full members.

During the platform, opposing nominees must be kept in a sequestered area. (ex. Kitchen)

A platform will be held to allow each candidate 5 minutes to describe he/her/ candidacy, qualifications and goals for the club.

The members may ask the candidates questions following the platform for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Ballots shall be written on paper and in ink. (no pencil)

The Election Official shall watch the tellers count the votes.

Any member having an objection to a specific candidate's nomination shall submit an appeal within 5 days following an election.

Before the Oath is taken, the new President shall appoint the new trustee and all other cabinet members (including Athletic Director, Entertainment Chairperson, Bylaw Chairperson, 4 auditors (1 Chief), Due Collector, Senior Citizen Representative, Parliament Advisor shall get the new members approval.

Within 90 days after new Officers have taken the oath, members have the right to vote to impeach the officer if he/she is not doing an adequate/satisfactory job.

An officer that has 3 consecutive unexcused absences from Board Meetings or Regular Meetings will resign and a replacement will be appointed by the President to serve the rest of the term.

Resignation of an officer shall be put in writing, state the reasons for resigning and be submitted in a timely manner.

Oath of Office
I do hereby pledge myself to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Buffalo Club of the Deaf and to faithfully perform the duties of my Office to the best of my knowledge and ability.

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