Hall Rental Agreement Form

1. If there is an opening date on any Saturday, the first come, first serve basis will be enforced. Those who are interested, see or contact Debbie Salvato, BCD Entertainment Chairperson at 716 204-7407 or 716 951-0944 (text only) or bcdhallrental@gmail.com to make a reservation, fill out and sign the rental agreement form.

2. When making a reservation for the use of the club for a private party, a $50.00 deposit is required. No date will be put on hold without the deposit. Full payment for use of the hall must be made three (3) weeks before the party date.

The deposit becomes the property of the Buffalo Club of the Deaf and will go towards the rental fee. If for any reason a cancellation has been made. The deposit will be returned for legitimate reasons that are beyond the control of the renter.


$250.00 + $50.00 Deposit

Double cost for the special event like New Year Eve plus $100.00 deposit.

3. Hall capacity: 120 persons with the dance floor, 150 persons without the dance floor.

4. Rental is up to six hours, $25.00 per extra hour after six hours. NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT.

5. Breakage fee will be charged, and will be determined by what was damaged or broken. (for example: damage to the bar and/or kitchen equipment, tables, chairs or any other contents including the building itself).

6. We are not responsible for lost articles in the hall, during the rental contract of any functions held under its patrons unless they were checked.

7.The $50.00 deposit will be refunded to either its party within 14 days after the club checks the condition of the club such as cleanliness of the club, glasses, pitchers, kitchen utensils, etc. and put back into place as received. This includes clean tables and garbage put away properly.

8. Bring your own towels.

    On behalf of the requesting organization, I agree to follow the conditions mentioned in the contract or forfeit the refund of the deposit.

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