History: The Birth Of The BCD

In the winter of 1939, a group of seven boys were instrumental in founding a club of the deaf in Buffalo. They were: Frederick Lomanto, Thomas Mazzone, Joseph Solazzo, John Gervase, Andrew DiGregorio, Angelo LaGreco, and Joseph Goretti.

They met to form a club for the deaf and began holding meetings in the rear of Joesph Solazzo barber shop at Brayton and West Utica Streets. They named it the Alphabet Club. In the year of 1943 another club was being organized under the name of the "MacArthur Club" after the famous Douglas MacArthur, commander of the World War II Pacific theater. It wasn't until one year later that both of the organizations met and decided to consolidate.

At the time there were only 28 members. Soon they put their heads together, and at their second meeting in April 27, 1944 a debate was on to name a club. There was much confusion as to what the name should be, but a majority vote was submitted. The new name, chosen by 25 out of 36 members, was the "Buffalo Club of the Deaf."

The B.C.D. opened its doors on April 1, 1944 to the deaf people of Buffalo and Western New York. Thomas Mazzone and James Pascall were the prime movers in the project. After 35 years in existence, on April 1973, the club finally purchased an old auto collision building on Genesee Street in Buffalo and converted it into a bona-fide clubroom. The new clubhouse made its debut in April 1974.

On October 19, 1989 - the B.C.D. moved to 2275 Clinton Street (former OTB). The current clubhouse is a tactfully decorated and includes a seperate fully loaded bar room and dining hall. It is roomy and large enough to hold 150 people comfortably. It's a great place to meet new friends and a place where you can dance to the loud-blasting music from the juke box, play cards, darts, ping-pong, billiards. Or just have a few drinks with old friends and get a bite to eat. The club is open regularly every Friday and Saturday in the evenings. There is ample parking.

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