House Rules

This is the BCD House Rules section. The "House Rules" are flexible, and the Club's President has authority to make a decision on a "House Rule" when a situation arises that makes an immediate decision necessary.


1.) Members are requested to have their B.C.D. membership card with them at all the time when attending the B.C.D. Club House
2.) Former local member or local non-member who is deaf is allowed to visit the club house on members' night. There is a mandatory visitor's fee of $5.00. This fee is good for a one (1) day visit.
3.) The visitor fee can be waived for hearing children of members of the Club on members' night. Limit two (2) visits per month.
4.) Member must observe (follow) the rules of the B.C.D. Dues Collector, to avoid any penalties (see B.C.D. Dues Collector rules)
5.) Out of town visitor to the Club can play cards only if he/she can get reference from a bonafide member of the club and pay the card fee on the top of the visitor's fee on members' night or admission on social nights.
6.) The membership dues of any member must be paid in full before working as Committees, Bartenders, and Coaches and as Janitors. The dues also must be paid in full before playing any sports or card games.
7.) All children under 18 years of age cannot enter Clubhouse only on members' Friday nights at anytime. All children under 18 years of age must leave the Clubhouse at 12 A.M. (mid-night) on other nights.
8.) High School students are not permitted in the club unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


9.) Use of bar stools are for B.C.D. Member patrons who are ordering and being served alcohol; beverage for consumption (drinking).
10.) No purses or any other items than the served beverages are to be on top of the bar. Hooks have been installed under the bar.
11.) No drinks are to be taken into either the ladies' or men's' restrooms.
12.) Auditors on duty behind the bar are not to be auditing the bar sales for the same month that they duty.
13.) No cashing of personal checks is to be made through the Club bartenders.
14.) Only the bartenders on duty are to be behind the bar during any function. Everyone else is to stay out.
15.) Bartender is to accommodate requests by customer to play their tapes on the sound systems.
16.) Only alcoholic and carbonated beverages purchased at the Club are to be consumed within the Club. Anything brought in from the outside will be taken away.
17.) Once there are less than five (5) persons in the Club on Members' night, the bartenders may request closing earlier than normal closing hours but no earlier than 12 A.M.. (mid-night) on other nights.
18.) The bar shall not be closed on a Friday night without the permission of the members. If any bartender is unable to work on that night, someone should be asked to fill in for him/her for that night. The bar can be closed on a Saturday night if there is a special event elsewhere that the Club Member should be encouraged to attend.
19.) Bartenders, that hold a fund - raising event, are prohibited to lend monies to anyone. It is bartender's loss if he/she lends bar monies to anyone from the cashier.
20.) B.C.D. requested to have two or more estimates prior to repaired or purchased also must be approved by Board of Directors.
21.) A bad check must be charged double at bank's penalty cost!


22.) All the regular meetings of the B.C.D. membership will start at 7:00 P.M. Anyone who arrives thirty (30) minutes after the start of the meeting shall not be entitled to the use of the floor (voice).
23.) The B.C.D. Board of Directors' reports: Extreme attentions should be made towards this report, which is presented to the B.C.D. Members at large during the regular meeting. Once this report, which has been accepted as, read, seconded and approved, it will be recorded that all actions, which have been made by the Board of Directors are accepted and put into effect.
24.) Any member who wishes to have a B.C.D. Constitution or By-Law changed or implemented must make the recommendation in writing and give it to the B.C.D. By-Law Chairperson.
25.) Club private parties and socials are to be scheduled only through the Entertainment Coordinator of the B.C.D. Board of Directors. (see Club rental Rules).
26.) Smoking is banned inside the B.C.D.
27.) No flyers or memos are to be placed on the B.C.D. Bulletin Board without permission or either the Club's Secretary or the Entertainment Coordinator.
28.) Cars are to be parked within yellow lines in the Club's parking lot. The spaces behind the Clubhouse are reserved for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles during any club event. These fire lanes can be used temporarily as a loading zone.
29.) Any claim for services to the Club must be announced before the service is carried out otherwise the claim will not be honored.
30.) Any claims should have prior approval of the Board of Directors before doing the work or make any purchases. If the Board of Directors does not approve, the person making the claim can then go to the members at the regular meeting.
31.) No hats or caps are to be worn in the Club during regular meetings.
32.) No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse unless certified as a hearing or visually impaired working dog.
33.) The thermostats are to be regulated only by a B.C.D. Officer.
34.) Anyone who is responsible for a false alarm at the Club will be fined. It is the responsibility of the person who sets the alarm at the close of an event to make sure that all the doors of the clubhouse are secured.
35.) Hall for a private party on any evening of the week, on Saturday and Sunday will be charged a fee (see Hall rental fee schedule). The Club is available for rent on Saturday evenings only when a "TBA" (To Be Announced) is posted. See Hall Rental Agreement Form.
36.) No card playing is allowed during the B.C.D. regular meeting.
37.) The minumum age for playing cards is 21. Must be a member or pay the visitor's fee.
38.) Any member in debt to the Club cannot be involving in any activities and cannot enter Club at anytime until the debts are paid in full.
39.) Any member owing the Club money will become a debtor and have his or her names announced at each regular meeting after thirty (30) days repayment period has passed. If necessary the Club's lawyer will be contacted for payment of the debt.
40.) B.C.D. Vice-President is responsible for all bar activities. The includes scheduling of bartenders, ordering of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, liquors, mixer and snacks will be sold and consumed during the Club functions and signed contracts for private parties.
41.) All local former members as well as non-members must leave the meeting room when a regular meeting of the Club is held. Those who have never been member of the Club can watch the meeting one time only. Next time must be a member or leave the meeting room until the meeting is over.
42.) Person's responsibility on damage to B.C.D.'s property. person has to pay for his/her damage in B.C.D. Clubhouse and outside.
43.) Any member who receives fraudulent raffles that used our B.C.D. name, bring it to our attention.
44.) Anyone who lost the BCD's keys will be fined five dollars for each key plus the cost to have the keys made.


45.) Flyers announcing the scheduled social event must be handed out to the members at least thirty (30) days before the schedule social. If the flyer is not provided within 30 days of the event, a $25.00 fine will be imposted. If no flyrs are handed out, it will be assumed that social event has been canceled and the date becomes a TBA (To Be Announced) or goes to the next person with a request for that date.
46.)Each social event will require a $50.00 deposit and be confirmed.
47.) In the event that the social has been cancelled for any other reason than bad weather within a sixty (60) day period of the schedule date, a fifty ($50.00) dollars penalty will be assessed against the organization, which scheduled the event. The penalty will be imposed if the flyers have been handed out and a last minute cancellation is announced.
48.) All social and drawing events at the end of each social event must be audited on same day. Two signatures an auditors are required.
49.) Any group that hold a fundraising event and the group that will benefit from it does not have at least five (5) members of that group paying admission will have the fund turned over to B.C.D.
50.) Before any flyers for events by and for B.C.D. are printed and distributed, approval must be given by the B.C.D. Board of Directors.
51.) BCD will have special drinks during July and August. Also special drinks during member's nights (Fridays)


52.) Sanitary conditions: At all times wear plastic disposable gloves when working in the kitchen and serving food.
53.) After each social or private party the kitchen must be put into order and cleaned up. All foods from event are to be removed from the Club's kitchen refrigerator. There will be charge $25 if is not done.
54.) Anyone who use the kitchen must tied and put the garbage bags into outside garbage bin.
55.) No one is allowed to borrow any kitchen equipment or any other property.


56.) B.C.D. will pay all sports team league fees only, and nothing else. The team will be responsible for paying for caps, uniforms, tournament fees and other expenses.

57.) Rules for any Sports Activities Sponsored by BCD 1. Anyone who wants to play any sport with BCD must be a bona fide (in good standing) member of the club. 2. Players must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Must have a hearing loss of 55 dB or greater in the better ear to be eligible for any tournament by any USADB member organizations. (Coaches do not necessarily have to have a hearing loss.) 3. No one under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to play. 4. Any high school student or college student, who practices with, suited up with or played for a collegiate team at any time during the college season shall not be eligible to play for any EAAD team during the same season. This is in accordance with NCAA regulations. 5. The President, with approval of the members of the BCD Board, will select the Athletic Director to be responsible for the funds for each specific sport activity. 6. Any monies from fund raising events will be audited and turned over to the Athletic Director at end of each event. 7. The flyers for any fundraiser must include the name of the sports activity for which the fund raising is for. 8. The Athletic Director will audit again and turn over the monies from the fund raiser to the BCD Treasurer to be kept in a separate restricted account under the name of the specific sport named in the flyer for the event. 9. The purposes for the monies raised for each sport event will only be spent according to the purpose for which it was raised. For any purpose other than listed below the requester will bring up the matter at a regular meeting of the club for approval. 10. The purpose for each restricted fund should be followed accordingly. 11. Each restricted fund is limited for transportation and lodgings for the sports team when traveling out of town to play in tournaments. 12. If the cost requested by the team is more than the amount the team needs from its specific fund, the team will be responsible for the difference. 13. These rules for restricted funds will be for all sports activities. 14. Any monies left over in each specific sport's fund at end of each season will be saved for the following season's sports activities. 15. Each player will sign this agreement that the rules mentioned above will be followed. I , _______________________________________, agree to follow the terms and rules listed above. Your signature Your name: ______________________________. Print


The Board of Governors acts as the governing body of a nonprofit organization. The Board of Governors' responsibilities are to oversee that the club's policies, bylaws, are followed and to form the club's mission or vision and hold management accountable to the members' wishes. BCD was formed as a non-profit organization to represent members (such as sports, educational and recreational associations) or to advocate on behalf of a cause (such as Deaf civil rights). BCD is a nonprofit organization that means it is not owned by anyone. It belongs to the members and is chartered by the government to serve a public purpose. Nonprofit boards are responsible for the organization's success. BCD will have boards to represent the members' interests and make managerial decisions. This is usually a Board of Directors that are made up of the club's officers, trustee and committee chairpersons. The organization generally has a Board of Governors that oversees the management. They are usually chosen from among or by the organization's major members depending of the organization's bylaws and structure. Their responsibilities include overseeing management, appropriate use of donations and funds, success in attaining the organization's goals, and shaping the organization's vision and mission. The Board of Governors may also serve to coordinate volunteer activity and as a bridge between communities and members of the organization, and the staff and management of that organization.

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