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NEWS...(December 2017):
Hello fellow brothers and sisters,
The BCD Christmas dinner was a very successful event as over 125 people came to share in the holiday merriments. A large number of gifts were given away to a very appreciative gathering. The people said they enjoyed the dinner food very much and were very happy to bring home the leftovers, as there was a lot left. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed partying the rest of the night. See you all in 2018!
NEWS...(Feburary 2017):
were inducted to the Buffalo Club of the Deaf's Hall of Fame. Congratulations to the three of them and good luck to those who may quailfy in the future.
NEWS...(September 2016):
Congratulations to James & Cecelia Cunningham on their 55th Wedding Anniversary. May they have many more years of wedded bliss.
NEWS...(August 2016):
Richard Miskell is recovering very well. The Miskell family are very relieved that Richard is ok and home. He had alot of prayers for his healing, which really helped him get through this. We are thankful that we still have him to pick on us. Which he can be quite funny.
NEWS...(June 2016):
We also want to say to the Slon family that we are very sorry for their loss. Pat was an awesome host of Wingo for at least 5 years. He knew how to put a smile on everyone's face. Was very fun at times. Pat was a very loyal club member and has done alot of help in many ways. Pat will be greatly missed. His family will miss him very much. Especially Mary Ann. This tragedy is so sad since it happened just before Fathers's Day around the corner. I hope the family are hanging in there in this unexpected loss so fast. Keep our prayers for the family and keep in touch with them. If they need help, we are willing to help in anyway we can.
NEWS...(June 2016):
We had our Memorial day picnic on Sunday, May 29th, 2016. We had great weather and a great time as well. It was very well planned out with the Board Officers. We had raffles and chinese auction which turned out very well. Some of them played the game corn hole for fun as a tournament. Card playing with alot of different games. I seen alot of the people seem to be enjoying their friends that they do not see that often. Alot of us really enjoyed themselves. I see it was a big success. I hope we have more people to attend that would be great to share their good time they had at the picnic. I want to personally say thank you to everyone who supported us and brought desserts.
NEWS...(February 2016):
Here are some upcoming events to go to and hope to see you a lot of you there. We will keep you posted for these flyers on EVENTS PAGE. That way you will know ahead of time with these events. I hope this will encourage you to go to them all if it's possible. We are trying to make these events as successful as possible. With your help would be very much appreciated. We are always welcome to additional news to share. We also want to make this newsletter fun to read too. Here's my email address, I want to say I'm glad to be part of BCD newsletter too.
NEWS...(Dec. 2014):
Congratulations to Richard Miskell on being honored as one of SMSD Distinguished Alunmi. Richard was awarded for his years of involvement in the Deaf Community. He was President of the Buffalo Club of the Deaf for 13 years, President of Central Athletic Assoc(CAAD) for 11 years. He hosted as Chairman for the Athletic Association of the Deaf Basketball Tournament and Central Athletic Assoc of the Deaf and the Eastern Assoc of the Deaf(EAAD) Softball Tournament in Buffalo, NY. He, also, served as delegate for the BCD at all Deaf Tournaments for 10 years. Also served as Athletic Director for BCD for 8 years and Law Chairman for a year. Now retired and relaxing at home with his wife of 54 years, Joan Rybaren Miskell. They are parents of 5 children and 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. BCD and BDSC appreciates his many years of service for the Deaf Community.
NEWS...(Dec. 2014):
BCD wants to thank all the hard work from the Board for putting up decorations for our christmas party. We had 78 people who came to this Christmas party, and the foods were awesome. The dinner was served from the kitchen to the individual tables instead of buffet tables. We had a great time, chatting with our friends and family who have came to our party. I believe that everyone had a great time. Congratulations to LINDA & LAWRENCE GODZIK, SIMEON FERRARO, DEBBIE SALVATO, DAVID HAYWOOD, FRANK SKUPSKI, JOHN BUCZYNSKI AND HENRY MAJKA. They received a Certificate of Appreciation for their Outstanding Dediction and Service during The BCD's Christmas party. Also congratulations to RICKY FERRIS, he was selected for Hall of Fame Golf & Bowling.
NEWS...(May 2014):
The Buffalo Club of the Deaf is 70 years old. A party to celebrate the 70th Anninersary was held at Samuel's Grande Manor on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Over 180 persons attended the party. Food was excellent. BCD was established in 1944, a year before WWII ended. Several deaf men met at Joseph Solazzo's Barber Shop at Brayton and West Seneca to found this club. At first it was named the Alphabet Club. There was another club called MacArthur Club and it merged with the Alphabet Club to BCD. BCD rented serveral places for several years until 1973 when it owned a club house on Genesee St. Later this building was sold and BCD bought the current building on Clinton St. in West Seneca. BCD has been at this bulding since 1989. We wish to show appreciation to the Committee who worked hard on planning this party. The Committee includes Chairperson Jessica Newton, Co-Chairpseron Melissa John, others on the committee are Jackie Ferraro, Joshua Hetzel, Simeon Ferraro, Deb Madill, Christina Menchio, Bernadette Michalski, Peter Newton, Shari Podkladek, Amber Quant and Jason Wolfe.

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