Rules for ALL Tourneys Sponsored by BCD

The President of B.C.D. with approval of the members of the B.C.D. Board of directors will select the Chairperson of the Tourney. The Chairperson must be an active member of the Club in good standing. First consideration for the Chair of the Tourney should be given to the person who represented the Club at a previous tourney to make the bid and won to hold the tourney in behalf of the BCD.

The Chairperson will select members of the Tourney Committee for various necessary positions. They are:

1. Vice-Chairperson
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Registration
5. Program Book
6. Fund Raising
7. Hotel
8. Entertainment
9. Public Relations
10. Trophies/Awards
11. Tours

The Secretary should take the minutes of the meeting of each of the Tourney Committee meeting and have a record of the minutes to be presented at the meeting.

The Treasurer should show an audited record of the income and expenses made in behalf of the Tourney at each of the Committee meeting. The B.C.D. trustees will audit this account every month.

A checking account for the Tourney should opened and kept separate from the B.C.D. General fund. None of the monies in the account can be spent without the approval of the Committee and the B.C.D. Board trustees except for necessary deposits.

Any expenses such as transportation, postage, phone bills, and certain parties for the benefit of the Tourney should be claimed at the Committee meeting. The Committee will seek the approval of the B.C.D. Trustees before accepting to pay the claims.

From the account an amount of $300.00 can be used for a suite party given by the Committee members and their spouses and anyone who has helped with the Tourney during the tournament after the Saturday night entertainment.

The account must be included B.C.D.'s name. For instance: The Buffalo Club of the Deaf C.A.A.D. Tourney Fund. The account should have two signatures, the tourney treasurer and the B.C.D. treasurer.

At the end of the Tourney a report of all income and expenses and audited by the Club's Trustees should be presented to the Board and the members at large at the regular meeting of B.C.D. within sixty (60) days.

The Tourney Committee will deduct 25% of the profit from the Tourney for expenses incurred by the Committee. The 25% are to be divided according to how much effort each member of the Committee put in to make the tourney a success. An example is follows:

If profit from the tourney is $8,000.00, 25% of that amount is $2,000.00. The $2,000.00 is broken down to pay:

1. Chairperson 25% $500.00
2. Secretary   15% $300.00
3. Treasurer 15% $300.00
4. Registration 10% $200.00
5. Program Book 10% $200.00
6. Hotel 5% $100.00
7. Entertainment 5% $100.00
8. Fund Raising  10% $200.00
9. Other helpers  5% $100.00

The above sample can be flexible depending on the service that the member of the Committee has done. The approval of the whole Committee must be made before any monies are distributed from the 25% of profit.

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